International Student Group Experiences

Most of my personal international student group experiences this semester revolve around the many smaller groups within the Arabic Flagship Program. More specifically, one international group that I had gotten the chance to be a part of was the Arabic Drama Club. Mostly consisting of students in the Arabic classes, the drama club watches many movies, performs skits, and even makes short films. I had a lot of fun with this club because it gave me a different insight into the Arab World, especially in terms of pop culture. The movies, although with subtitles, are very entertaining, and if I am being honest, I might be investing myself emotionally more than I originally planned on with these films. The films are a nice change of pace, especially for someone who needs time away from that pile of homework they should be doing or simply if someone feels like they’ve seen it all on Netflix. This club has given me some of my closest friendships at OU because it is a club where I truly feel that I belong….and because homework help in tough Arabic classes is a nice added benefit. I really recommend anyone who is able to join do so because it is a relatively low commitment club to be a part of. Unfortunately, I probably will not be able to attend this club next semester due to my class schedule, but if I could, I know I wouldn’t even hesitate.

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