September 23, 2016

Today, I attended an open mic session with people who are from/traveled abroad to the Middle East or North Africa region. Being a student that is eager to travel abroad, but unsure where to, I found this event very beneficial. I learned a lot about the experiences people had in living/traveling to this area, and how I might be successful and what I would struggle in personally if I were to travel abroad to the area. I really do enjoy events like these because it is much easier to relate to other student’s experiences rather than read about them in a flyer where you do not get the full perspective. In retelling their experiences, some had funny/scary stories that kept the audience intrigued and wanting more.  Many of the students who spoke even stayed after to be able to talk one on one about their experiences. This, for me, was the best part being someone that is shy to ask questions in front of a large group of people I do not know. I received a lot of information not only about traveling abroad, but also where to travel abroad. I even met someone who just came back from Jordan who is also a pre-med/biology major who was really helpful in recommending what I should do since traveling abroad can sometimes be a handful on top of many pre-med requirements. Some of the speakers were even nice enough to give out their personal phone numbers for anyone with any questions for them at a later time. I really recommend that for people who plan to travel abroad, they really take advantage of these events to make sure that it is something they want to do.

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